Food Engineering

The study programme is based on the most recent scientific findings related to physical and chemical properties and changes of food constituents during the production, preservation and storage processes. During this study programme the students would acquire additional knowledge and skills, indispensable for the creation of novel products, master new techniques and technologies in the study fields of food engineering, as well as specific engineering skills necessary for planning, designing, conducting and handling of the novel processes.

This two-year study, as a continuation of the three-year undergraduate study is indispensable for widening of the students’ already acquired skills as well as for broadening their acquired knowledge with additional information on scientific achievements indispensable for the development of food engineering science. The market needs for vocational and scientific experts who can, throughout of their working efforts, ensure the development of technology in this segment of outmost importance in the overall economic development of the Republic of Croatia, are every day becoming greater, in public, as in private sector. Masters of Food Engineering will find their place in scientific institutions, in development and research institutes, in large food industries, as well as, in small private businesses.

Coordinator: Helga Medić, PhD

General information on the study programme

Syllabus - academic year 2019/2020

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