Food Safety Management

This study programme has been based on the most recent scientific achievements related to food safety control (chemical, toxicological and microbiological aspects of food safety). The programme covers the area of food production (development, design, control), the area of legislation related to food safety and quality, which will have a special significancein the processes of coordination of Croatian and EU legislature, as well as the area of conducting and managing the processes, products and companies in food industry.

This study should provide the development of new technologies and processes, which would markedly contribute to the safety of food products available on the food market. It should also lead to initiating, developing and implementing of new concepts, methods and techniques with the aim of providing the safety and quality of food products. The study will provide all necessary knowledge for a detailed analysis, understanding and explanation of the processes, which happen in the production chain, in this way securing the implementation of quality legislation in the field of food management in accordance with the standard ethical principles of a modern society.

Coordinator: Mirjana Hruškar

General information on the study programme

Syllabus - academic year 2019/2020

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