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Lidija Podvalej, Prof.

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Dragica Mihajlović

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The Management Section was founded in 1990. Lectures offer a group of modules in management, entrepreneurial and/or corporate management and marketing that focuses on food industry and biotechnology. Industry-related research and consultancy activities in the above-mentioned fields are offered through the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The Section for Technical/Occupational Foreign Languages was founded in 1982. Compulsory modules are offered in the 1st and 2nd year of study to all three Bachelor study programmes: Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition Science. Technical languages offered are English, German and French (as elective module only). In their third year of Bachelor's studies and in the first and second year of their Master's Studies students are offered, as elective B modules, Technical/Occupational English, German or French. Lectures are based on reading and discussing scientific and occupational texts from the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, food science, food technology, food quality control, nutrition, diet therapy, ecology and other study related topics of interest, building up and expanding students' technical and scientific vocabulary within the fields of their studies. Students' skills and competences in writing abstracts, CVs and summaries are exercised, developed and upgraded, as well as their verbal skills in discussions on relevant topics in their fields of sciences. Students' individual work in writing presentations on a specific topic of their own choice within the field of their studies in a selected foreign language and presenting it and discussing it in front of an audience is also exercised, as well as language and grammar skills, which are revised and upgraded based on the specific foreign language.

The Section for physical education and health was founded in 1983. Lectures -120 classes - are offered as indoor activities: physical activities in the gym hall and swimming pool and outdoor activities. The main goal is to convey the information about the importance of physical culture and exercise for the preservation of health and the prevention of an early ageing. The ultimate aim is to teach the students the appropriate physical activities for regular daily exercise.

Compulsory Programme: athletics, badminton, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, football, table tennis, aerobics, stretching.

Elective Programme: tennis, skiing, yoga, water sports (rowing, sailing, rafting), hiking and orienteering in the countryside.



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Section for Technical Foreign Languages
Section for Physical Education


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Vladimir Žanić MSc Senior Lecturer
Neven Karković Prof. Senior Lecturer
Diana Njerš Prof. Senior Lecturer
Lidija Podvalej Prof. Senior Lecturer
Andrea Šupih-Kvaternik Prof. Senior Lecturer

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
English language 74367; 74369; 74371 1
English language 87087; 87088; 87089 1
English Language 3 39859 3
Food Products Marketing 66912 3
German language 87090; 87091; 87092 1
German language 74368; 74369; 74372 1
Physical education 37902; 32933; 37903; 32935; 37904; 32931; 37905; 32932; 37906; 32936; 37907; 32937 -

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
English Language 4 3
English Language 5 66861 3
Management 53660 5