English for Specific Purposes 5 (Elective module)

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The aim of this elective module is to further expand the students' vocabulary of the English language pertaining to their profession and to build on the acquired skills of understanding and expressing oneself on professional topics.The content of the course is adapted to the needs of the student.The selected topics logically follow the topics covered in the previous years of study. The interest of students and their expertise grow in parallel with the volume of their education, as well as the knowledge and skills acquired in undergraduate studies, so one of the goals of this course is to enable students to express the same knowledge, skills and competencies in English. In addition to the topics covered in the studies of Food Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, Nutrition and Food Safety Management, this module also deals with current relevant topics in the field of graduate studies at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb.


  • based on students’ individual needs, discuss and choose the topic of this year's seminar and student presentations 
  • building up on the expert/occupational vocabulary within the field of study
  • writing and abstract of expert or scientific articles in English
  • searching the Internet and other written sources to find needed expert, scientific or vocational text materials for their presentation in English
  • writing a glossary of technical terms in English
  • preparing a writen presentation in English within the field of their study
  • writing a PowerPoint slide presentation in English with the terminology within the field of their study
  • presenting a topic, within their field of study, in English in front of an audience
  • taking part in discussion about a topic of their choice from the field of their study in English
  • answering to ad hoc questions from the audience related to their presentation within the field of their study


Selection of relevant professional and scientific literature from the field of study

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