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The Department of Food Quality Control was established in 1956 and it consisted of the Laboratory for Food Quality Control and the Laboratory for Food Chemistry and Nutrition; the latter was rearranged as Laboratory for Nutrition Science and Laboratory for Food Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2009. The Department staff is involved in undergraduate and graduate courses of studies of food technology, food safety management, food engineering, and nutrition, also in courses of postgraduate PhD and specialist study programs. Scientific activity of Department includes scientific projects and investigations from the fields of food quality and safety, food chemistry and nutrition. Research topics include development of concepts and methods of quality originating of food products; development and validation of modern analytical methods for food components determination in purpose of monitoring of quality and safety of products; study of food bioactive compounds content, antioxidative activity, physicochemical and sensory properties of food during processing and storage; study of influence of bioactive compounds, fatty acids, cholesterol and plant food supplements on oxidative/antioxidative status, lipoprotein composition and antihyperlipidemic effect in vivo; study and evaluation of consumers regarding nutritional habits and relation to risks in food chain; nutrition assessment of different population groups and determination of glycemic index of food, protein efficiency ratio and protein digestibility; role of nutrition in bone health, namely role of B vitamins nutritive status and homocysteine level among general population, vegetarians, and celiac disease patients. Besides national projects, Department is also involved in international scientific projects. Along with teaching and scientific activity, Department also collaborates with food industry and various institutions in country and abroad in the fields of food quality and safety and nutrition.



Laboratories and Cabinets
Laboratory for Nutrition Science
Laboratory for Food Quality Control
Laboratory for Food Chemistry and Biochemistry


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Irena Colić Barić PhD Full Professor
Mirjana Hruškar PhD Full Professor
Ines Panjkota Krbavčić PhD Full Professor
Nada Vahčić PhD Full Professor
Irena Landeka Jurčević PhD Associate Professor
Ksenija Marković PhD Associate Professor
Zvonimir Šatalić PhD Associate Professor
Martina Bituh PhD Assistant Professor
Marina Krpan PhD Assistant Professor
Irena Keser PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Ivana Rumbak PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Ivana Rumora Samarin PhD Scientific Assistant
Saša Drakula mag. ing. Research Assistant
Valentina Hohnjec Technical Associate
Renata Petrović Eng. Technical Associate


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Snježana Gaćina Full Professor
Dane Bićanić PhD Full Professor
Domagoj Đikić PhD Full Professor
Jasna Jurasović, znan. savj. PhD Full Professor
Zdravko Petanjek PhD Full Professor
Alica Pizent, znan. savj. PhD Full Professor
Jasmina Ranilović PhD Full Professor
Pavao Rudan PhD Full Professor
Lea Sokolić PhD Full Professor
Vesna Žižić PhD Full Professor
Irena Martinis MSc Full Professor
Martina Piasek, znan. savj. u tr. zv. PhD Senior Scientist
Mauro Serafini PhD Senior Scientist
Vesna Benković PhD Associate Professor
Jasminka Ilich-Ernst PhD Associate Professor
Jasminka Lažnjak PhD Associate Professor
Ivančica Delaš PhD Assistant Professor
Željko Krznarić PhD Assistant Professor
Anita Lauri Korajlija PhD Assistant Professor
Duje Lisičić PhD Assistant Professor
Dario Rahelić PhD Assistant Professor
Darija Vranešić Bender PhD Assistant Professor
Selma Cvijetić Avdagić PhD Scientific Associate
Zijad Duraković PhD Scientific Associate
Iva Hojsak PhD Scientific Associate
Mate Mihanović PhD Scientific Associate
Marjeta Mišigoj - Duraković PhD Scientific Associate
Sanda Renko PhD Scientific Associate
Tatjana Škarić-Jurić PhD Scientific Associate
Oleg Jadrešin MSc Scientific Associate
Saša Missoni PhD Research Assistant
Alemka Jaklin Kekez Associate
Anica Horvat Knežević PhD Associate
Sanja Kolaček PhD Associate
Jelka Pleadin PhD Associate
Lea Pollak PhD Associate
Zdenko Šmit PhD Associate
Neda Kovačevič MSc Associate

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Basics of Diet Therapy 39772 6
Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food 32412; 32435 6 PT studij; 5 N studij
Diatery Management of Diabetes 39852 6
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition 39789 3
Food analises 39811 5
Food Analyses 39845 4
Geriatric Nutrition 53686 3
Introduction to the Profession of Nutritionist 37962 3
New Achievements in Nutrition Science 39847 2
Nutrition I 21502 5
Nutrition II 21605 6
Nutrition of Athletes and Soldiers 39787 4
Obesity and Malnutrition 39788 4
Phytochemicals in Health Protection 39853 3
Selected Topics in Functional Human Anatomy 32169 8
Sensory Analysis of Foods 39775 3
Sociology and Psychology in Nutrition 39846 3
Women’s Nutrition Through the Life Cycle 39777 3

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Basic Nutrition Principles 53733 3
Consumer, Food, and Nutrition 66739 5
Diet Therapy 53630 7
Education and Communication Skills in Nutriton Science 53633 5
Food Assessment 53662 5
Food Chain Traceability 53701 7
Food Quality Management 5
Food Safety Management 6
Food Supplements 53631 3
Food, Nutrition, and Health 53642 5
Geriatric Nutrition 53686 3
Interaction of Essential and Toxic Elements 53656 2
Modern Methods in Food Analysis 53704 5
Modern Methods in Food Quality Control 53287 5
Nutrition of Athletes and Soldiers 39787 4
Nutritional Epidemiology 53609 4
Protein Engineering 53253 2
Traditional Diet 53717 4

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Achivements in the nutritional science 165656 5
Biochemical function and nutritional significance of vitamins and minerals in nutrition 165637 3
Design and analysis of experiments 165660 5
Essentiality and toxicity of mineral elements in human nutrition 165638 3
Food safety 165670 5
Food, nutrition and health 165632 3
Instrumental methods of quality control in food technology and food biotechnology 165654 5
Marketing in biotechnology, food technology and nutrition 165650 3
Nutrition and bone health 3
Nutrition of healthy children and pediatric clinical dietetics 165640 3
Nutritional assessment 165631 3
Nutritional Epidemiology 165630 3
Nutritional principles in the elderly 165641 3
Nutritional status of human 165659 5
Quality management systems 165647 3
Sensory evaluation of food 165644 3
Sports nutrition 165642 3
Sustainable nutrition 165633 3
The role of nutrition in medical treatment 165643 3
Trends in diet and nutritional behaviour 165655 5

Courses (poslijediplomski specijalistički)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Food Chain Traceability 3
Food Safety Management 4