Consumer, Food, and Nutrition

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253101; 66739

Course Description


The course includes several sections relating to legislation, consumer science and consumer perception related to food safety and dietary tendencies

  • Factors affecting the relationship between human and food.
  • Legislation in Croatia and the EU related to labeling and advertising of food and consumer protection.
  • Consumer behavior models. Quality perception of consumers.
  • Tendencies in diet and dietary behaviour, and consumer segmentation in relation to dietary habits.
  • Consumer confidence in the supply chain and beliefs associated with the way of food production.
  • National and international research results related to consumer relations and food labeling. Food policy as a result of dietary behavior.
  • Basic principles and principles of consumer behavior regarding food safety (examples and reasons of the current state and trends). Consumer perceptions regarding food safety in the food chain: case studies. Seminars and outfield work (outfield exercises) contributes to a better understanding of complex relationships between consumers, nutrition/food and health.


  • interpret legislation related to food safety policy and consumer protection
  • comment consumer attitudes related to food, food labelling, and food safety
  • group factors influencing consumer behaviour and theoretical models that contribute to a better understanding of the mentioned issues
  • link consumer behaviour with national food policies and vice versa
  • integrate the knowledge of consumer behaviour to provide good quality prediction of behaviour in situations related to food safety and food availability
  • develop and evaluate a tool for collecting consumer behaviour data, according to the target research goal
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