Modern Methods in Food Quality Control

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239536; 53287

Course Description


  • Overview of the techniques and methods in food quality control
  • Methods for preparation of samples for chromatographic analyses
  • Analytical chromatography techniques
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Spectrometry in determination of mineral substances
  • Electrophoretic methods
  • Methods of identification and detection of GMOs
  • Instrumental techniques in sensory evaluation of food
  • Immunological methods


  • compare particular chromatographic, spectrometric, electrophoretic, PCR, electrochemical, and immunoenzymatic analytical techniques
  • use modern chromatographic, spectrometric, electrophoretic, electrochemical and immunoenzymatic analytical instrumental systems
  • create methods of sample preparation, and also chromatographic, spectrometric, electrophoretic and immunoenzymatic methods for determination of certain food ingredients
  • interpret the analytical results of determination of particular food ingredients
  • assess the impact of particular parameters on analytical results
  • propose an instrumental analytical method for determination of certain food ingredients
  • argue the issue of the use of particular instrumental analytical techniques and methods for determination of food ingredients
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