Nutritional assessment

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Introduction to dietary assessment; Food Standards; The procedures, reasons and methods for measuring food intake; Indices for dietary assessment; Bases / table with the chemical composition of foods and their application; Assessment of the quality of the diet and nutritional status at the national level; Anthropometric methods; Biochemical methods in the assessment of nutritional status.


  • Classify the basic characteristics of each dietetic methods and assess their validity
  • Integrate knowledge in this area and apply it during research
  • Apply known and develop new tools for assessing the validity and reproduciblity of dietetic methods
  • Synthesize the information necessary to select the dietetic or other method and develop new ideas and solutions


Lectures: 20 hours

Seminars 10 hours

Description of the manner in which direct instruction is conducted: lectures and seminars

Description of the performance of duties:

Attendance on the class, written and presented seminar, written and oral exams


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