Food Chain Traceability

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Definition of food chain traceability management. Traceability systems – traceability in terms of food labeling and differentiation on the market. Traceability with the aim of improving the sale of food products. Principles of implementation traceability system in food production chain. Examples of traceability systems in food production chain. Legislation – review of existing laws and regulations relating to the traceability system in the food chain. Standards for products and services. Incidents and actions in crisis situations. Practical implementation of traceability in the food industry. Creating of manufacturing documentation. Comparison and harmonization of Croatian regulations with EU regulations.


  • establish, manage and control food traceability system, and act in crisis situations related to food safety by effective product recall
  • establish, manage, control and supervise food production processes
  • independently analyse, make conclusions and present results of conducted analyses for monitoring and control purposes
  • independently solve problems in new or unknown situations
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