Trends in diet and nutritional behaviour

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Factors influencing the eating habits and preferences for food choices; Nutritional and health status of the nation; National Food Policy and population groups in focus; New knowledge regarding the nutritional value of food; Trends in diet and nutrition behavior; The application of new techniques in food production (eg. Laser, 3D printing, etc.). Trends in advertising and food labeling; The crises in the food chain and their impact on food behavior and preferences in choosing food.


  • Identify the causes and consequences of the factors that have an impact on dietary habits and preferences;
  • Draw a logical conclusion from the available information relating to the nutritional and health status;
  • Integrate knowledge about the nutritive value of foods
  • Develop personal approach to the problem concerning the trends in human nutrition and behavior


Lectures: 20 hours

Seminars: 10 hours

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Lectures and seminars

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Attendance on the class, written and presented seminar, written and oral exams


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