Sociology and Psychology in Nutrition

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  • Introduction. Sociology of food as scientific discipline
  • Nutrition as a part of environmental-cultural system
  • Development of nutritionism
  • Dominant social values and nutrition
  • Paradigm of social constructivism
  • Nutrition and social differentiation
  • Contemporary society and nutrition
  • Food choice
  • The meaning of food
  • Body image and body dissatisfaction
  • Dieting
  • Nutrition disorders
  • Promotion of healthy habits


  • use the professional terminology of the sociology and psychology of food in writing and discussion
  • define and compare basic concepts of sociology and psychology of food and nutrition and similar disciplines
  • apply sociological concepts in the analysis of nutrition related phenomena 
  • identify and describe social and cultural embeddedness of nutrition related phenomena
  • describe the association of emotional, psychological and physiological food cravings.
  • identify signs of nutrition disorders and describe factors that contribute  to their development
  • recognize the importance of social responsibility in professional engagement

To enrol in this course, the following course must be completed:

  • Introduction to the Profession of Nutritionist
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