Nutrition and bone health

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Course Description


  1. Basics of Nutrition and bone biology,
  2. Nutrition and bone health: a) Efect of the life stages and race (children and adolescents; adults, heathy elederly), b) Effect of the vegetarian diet, c) Effect of some  macronutrients; d) Effect of some micronutrients; e) Lifestyle effects
  3. Interperatation of Bone mineral Density as its relates to bone health and Fracure risk, 
  4. Secondary osteoporosis.


  • Understand the biology of bone
  • Integrate knowledge from other areas and connect them with the newly acquired knowledge on the impact of nutrition on bone health as they age and gender
  • Identify and explain the relationship of restrictive diets (eg, vegetarian), nutrients and the bone health
  • To present new ideas within the topics nutrition and bone health


Lectures: 20 sati

Seminars: 10 sati

Opis metoda provođenja nastave: lectures and seminars

Description of the performance of duties:

Attendance on the class, written and presented seminar, written and oral exams


  1. Nutrition and Bone Health, (Holick M.F. i Dawson-Hughes B. , Ed.) , Humana Press Inc., New Jersey, 2004.
  2. Jasminka Z. Ilich, Owen J. Kelly,Julia E. Inglis,Lynn B. Panton,Gustavo Duque,Michael J. Ormsbee: Interrelationship among muscle, fat, and bone (2014) Connecting the dots on cellular, hormonal, and whole body levels. Ageing Research Reviews 15: 51–60.
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