Nutrition I

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Course number:
252786; 21502

Course Description


  1. basic principles of prudent diet
  2. dietary standards: nutrient reference values and dietary guidelines
  3. food labelling
  4. scientific methodology in the science of nutrition
  5. dietary assessment methods
  6. anthropometry
  7. carbohydrates
  8. protein
  9. lipids
  10. energy
  11. water soluble vitamins
  12. fat soluble vitamins
  13. major minerals
  14. trace elements
  15. water and electrolytes


  • explain basic principles of prudent diet
  • appropriately apply a subset of dietary reference values or a specific dietary guideline for planning or assessment of diet at individual or group level
  • suggest nutrition facts for food label
  • appropriately choose dietary assessment method for assessment of diet quality or research purposes
  • list body composition methods with their (dis)advantages  
  • set recommended daily energy intake
  • list essential nutrients, their physiological roles, deficiency disorders and diseases, toxicity symptoms, dietary sources, and levels of recommended intakes
  • create individualised food choice based on food pyramid guidelines

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed:

  • Introduction to the Profession of Nutrition
  • Introduction to Chemistry and Chemical Analysis (General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry)
  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2
  • Selected Topics in Functional Human Anatomy
  • Raw Materials for Food Industry
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