Women’s Nutrition Through the Life Cycle

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Course number:
53688; 39777

Course Description


  • Women's Nutrition Through the Life Cycle - Generally
  • Nutrition for adolescent girls
  • Nutrition in pregnancy; Folate – importance in the diet in women of reproductive age
  • Nutrition during menopause
  • Physical activity as a protective factor in a woman's life
  • Diet and cancer prevention


  • explain and assess risks of the certain diseases (breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis) related to the nutrition status and age of the women population and formulate adequate behaviour to prevent mentioned noncommunicable diseases
  • identify and explain issues related to a specific age group in women’s life (adolescence, reproductive age, menopause) and relate those conditions with dietary recommendations and guidelines
  • relate the lack of physical activity with the higher risk of developing certain diseases in women
  • define possible nutritional disorders as well as consequences for women's health. Relate stress condition and its contribution to inadequate diet with negative consequences to women health.
  • interpret the latest scientific papers related to the relationship between diet and women health
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