Food Assessment

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239436; 53662

Course Description


  • Dietary methods
  • Dietary standards and recommendations
  • Food composition tables/database
  • Indices of diet quality
  • Clinical methods (examples)
  • Anthropometric methods
  • Nutritional assessment in disease prevention


  • identify the dietary methods which are used in the specific research
  • apply knowledge of dietary methods within the field of nutrition science
  • evaluate the data which are related to the nutritional value of food in food composition tables/database for estimation the amount of macro- and micronutrients in human nutrition
  • integrate knowledge on dietary standards and recommendations to assess the dietary quality of different population groups and make recommendations for balanced diet
  • classify anthropometric measurements to assess nutritional status of healthy and diseased individuals
  • explain the obtained data by using anthropometric methods in the adult population
  • make a risk assessment for certain non-communicable diseases based on the nutritional status of healthy individuals
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