Biochemical function and nutritional significance of vitamins and minerals in nutrition

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Vitamins, physical and chemical properties, essentiality, metabolic functions and bioavailability. The absorption and metabolism of vitamins. Nutritional status of vitamins. Factors affecting the need entering a particular vitamin. Vitamin deficiency - primary and secondary, potential reasons, risk groups. Bioavailability of the vitamin. Vitamin supplement. Risks increased intake, nonlinear dependence of risk and dose. Factors toxicity of vitamins. Division of vitamins to potential toxicity. The limits of safe intake. The attitude of the RDA and DRI.

Minerals. Biochemical functions of minerals in nutrition. Nutritional significance of minerals in diet. The division of mineral components as needed, essentiality of minerals, performance characteristics essential elements, biological factors bioavailability. Macro-elements: Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, S, Cl. Micro-elements: Zn, Fe, Cu, I, F, Mn. The recommended intake (RDA value).


  • Enumerate and analyze the parameters that determine the biological value and bioavailability of vitamin/mineral esencijalnh and suggest ways to improve the biological value/bioavailability.
  • Assess the risks increased intake of vitamin and explain nonlinear dependence of risk and dose.
  • Identify and analyze the therapeutic indications for supplementation with vitamins/minerals essential.
  • Indicate healthy food guidelines and explain the biochemical mechanisms by which a healthy diet contributes to the homeostasis of the organism.


  Lectures 10    
  Seminars 10    
Exam: Seminar X  Oral Exam  X


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