Interdisciplinary approach and an extremely dynamic development of food science and nutrition have developed a need for education of experts with a solid knowledge, not only in fundamental disciplines, but also in the newest scientific achievements related to food epidemiology, physiopathology, toxicology, dietary recommendations, specific needs in target population groups, healthy or ill, diet-therapy, education an communication on food and health. A close relationships of the educational process with scientific research projects at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is expected, which will enable the development of skills for individual and creative work in the fields of research and development.

The proposed graduate study is a direct continuation of the undergraduate study of nutrition with the aim of educating experts skilled in performing highly professional tasks in human life diet for healthy people as well for people with health problems, in creating of novel food, in all aspects of education on different diets, healthy food promotion, in scientific research work and for furthering their own education.

Coordinator: Martina Bituh, PhD

General information on the study programme

Syllabus - academic year 2019/2020

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