This programme is based on the most recent scientific achievements in the following three areas of science: a) chemistry and biochemistry, b) biology, with a special emphasis on molecular biology and microbiology and c) engineering skills aiming at educating experts for a wider area of biotechnology.

According to the definition of the European Federation for Biotechnology «biotechnology is an integrated application of natural and engineering sciences with the aim of using living organisms, cells and their component parts for products andservices» (EFB,1989). At the turn of the century, biotechnology represents one of the most important highly-developed technologies, as well as technology platform which enables the creation ofnovel products, services and industrial processes in various facets of society: health care and pharmaceutical industry (so-called red biotechnology or biopharma),food production (so-called green biotechnology or agri-biotech), industrial production of chemicals (so-called white biotechnology or industrial biotech), and in the environment protection (so-called blue biotechnology or environmental biotech).

Coordinator: Anita Slavica

General information on the study programme

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