This programme is based on the newest scientific achievements in the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, toxicology, human physiology and anatomy, food science and applied sciences of food, food quality control, food processing, all with the aim of education of experts for a wider field of nutrition.

Nutrition is an applied natural science of food and of its impact on the human organism. Research works in the area of nutrition, especially in recent years, have had a leading role in the understanding of many processes connected to nutrition and related ailments and disbalances, but also in the understanding of many processes in modelling of the genetic potential of an individual. Therefore, nutritionists are getting a more significant role, not only as researchers, but also as the experts transmitting scientific knowledge to general, as well as the target population aiming at health preservation and improvement of the existing state. Besides, the nutritionists’ knowledge is indispensable in the processes of creation and production of novel food and other nutrients. The education of this kind of experts is of vital interest for every country, whether developed or developing, because the problems related to nutrition, as different as they may be, are equally present round the world.

Coordinator: Irena Keser, PhD

General information on the study programme

Syllabus - academic year 2019/2020

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