Laboratory for Chemistry and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables


Branka Levaj, PhD

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Fax: + 385 1 4605 072

Laboratory for Technology of Fruits and Vegetables Preservation and Processing has existed since 1958 (still within the Technical Faculty at the time) although under this exact name since 1998. Until then, there were more related names that reflected mostly the same area of its activity except for the period 1971-1998 when wine making was included in its name, and research and teaching related to this area were conducted. Furthermore, research and teaching on aromatic herbs and spices has also been carried out since 2005.


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Branka Levaj PhD Full Professor
Danijela Bursać Kovačević PhD Associate Professor
Ivona Elez Garofulić PhD Associate Professor
Maja Repajić PhD Assistant Professor
Erika Dobroslavić PhD Scientific Assistant
Anica Bebek Markovinović mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Sanja Lončarić mag. ing. Senior Technical Associate

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Basic of Technology of Fruit, Vegetable and Wine 252763 5
Chemistry and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables 39791; 53738; 253080 10/6
Introduction to Food Technologies 239329 -
Introduction to Food Technologies 24090 2
Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables 39802 3
Non-Alcoholic Refreshing Beverages 39798 3
Spices and Aromatic Plants 39858 3

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Biologically Active Compounds in Food and Mechanism of Action 239619; 53623 4
Technology of Plant Origin Foodstuffs 53683 8

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Functional food 165668 5
Natural sources of phytochemicals in the diet 165628 3
Technologies in fruit and vegetable processing 165618 3
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