Technology of Plant Origin Foodstuffs

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  • Quality and safety of fruits and vegetables
  • Minimally processed fruits and vegetables / Potato products / Potential risks in processing
  • A review of fruit and vegetable products and basic technological operations; Fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages; Products based on pectin gel
  • Changes during maturation and aging of wine
  • Alcoholic fermentation and its secondary metabolites
  • Malolactic fermentation/Wine faults and defects/Production of sparkling wines
  • From cocoa beans to cocoa mass
  • Chocolate production, chemical composition and market ttends
  • Carbohydrate classification, production and physical and chemical properties of sucrose Chemical, rheological and biochemical changes during production of gluten and gluten-free bakery products
  • Chemical, rheological and biochemical changes during pasta, biscuits and cakes production
  • Definition and types of beer; Raw materials and microorganisms in beer production; production of malt and wort; beer production; finishing of beer


  • define the parameters important in determining the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables; explain the impact of the  technological processes parameters on the nutritional and biological value of fruit and vegetable products
  • propose optimal conditions for oilseed preparation prior to storage and extraction of the oil, and optimal conditions of oil extraction and rafination process
  • define processes that occur in wine during alcoholic and malolactic fermentation
  • argument the selection of the ingredients and change of their chemical composition and physical and chemical characteristics during the chocolate production
  • relate the processing conditions (traditional and modern technologies) with the composition, quality and shelf-life of cereal products
  • define beer as a product and categorize raw materials in beer production
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