Powder Technology

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  • Introduction to powder technology – basic principles, particle properties and particle size determination methods
  • Bulk properties and industrial powder flow
  • Chemical properties of powders
  • Milling and sampling
  • Powder mixing
  • Agglomeration and encapsulation
  • Nanopowders and powder handling risks
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3


  • define powders, explain what are powders comprised of, what are their characteristics and the importance for the industry
  • exhibit formal knowledge and understanding of basic particle properties and particle size characterization methods
  • list the physical properties of powders (powder bulk properties) and explain their importance and methods of analysis
  • list and explain the chemical properties of powders
  • define powder rheology, basic types and mechanisms of powder flow
  • explain the principles and use of agglomeration, tableting and encapsulation
  • explain and understand the mechanisms of mixing and milling and list the equipment used for mixing and milling
  • explain and understand the basic principles of powder sampling
  • define nanopowders and explain the risks of powder handling in the industrial facilities
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