Section for Fundamental Engineering


Mirjana Čurlin , PhD

Phone: + 385 1 4605 019
Fax: + 385 1 4836 083

In addition to teaching activities within the Section for Fundamental Engineering, in cooperation with other laboratories of FFTB, there is also research activity focused on the field of engineering, dispersion systems technology, characterization and analysis of powdered food materials, reactor engineering, mixing and hydrodynamics in multiphase (bio) reactor systems and controlling, managing and modelling processes in food technology and biotechnology.

The Section for fundamental engineering was founded in 1957 as a Department for mechanical engineering and it taught subjects “Elements of machines” and “Technical drawing”. After the adoption of new syllabi and programmes in 1996, the Department was renamed into the Department of Fundamental Engineering, and the subjects were taught under the common title “Fundamentals of engineering”. Mirjana Čurlin, PhD, and Ingrid Bauman, PhD, become part of the Section in 2004 and in 2008 Maja Benković, MEng., joins it. In the Section for Fundamental Engineering, the current staff, Prof. Ingrid Bauman, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mirjana Čurlin, PhD, and Asst. Prof. Maja Benković, PhD, Senior Assistant, teach modules in all study programmes of FFTB and do research in the field of Biotechnical and Technical Sciences. The space and equipment is shared with the Laboratory for MRA, and parts of equipment such as the Particle Flow Analyser, which is a separate unit within the Texture Analyser and a separate Powder Particle Analysis Unit as part of the Laser Particle Analyser in various media, are owned together with the Laboratory for Technological Operations.


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Mirjana Čurlin PhD Full Professor
Maja Benković PhD Associate Professor

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Measurement and Process Control 39807 3
Powder Technology 39801 3
Principles of Engineering 24087; 24122 5
Principles of Engineering (BT) 239476 5
Principles of Engineering (PT) 239340 3

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Modelling of Biotechnology Processes 53228 (ADBI09) 4
Reactor Engineering 53225 4
Robotics in Food Engineering 53293 3

Courses (poslijediplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Disperse systems 165612 3
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