The Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at the University of Zagreb is the leading institution in the Republic of Croatia in terms of science, research and education in the fields of biotechnology, food technology and nutrition science. For many years, this Faculty has been educating highly qualified experts, conducting scientific research and professional projects in cooperation with industry and has been a major driving force of Croatian economic development in the above mentioned fields. In the past years many generations of food technologists, biotechnologists and nutritionists working in food, fermentation and pharmaceutical industries and various jobs in the public sector were educated at the Faculty. Many of our alumni have continued their academic and scientific careers both in Croatia and abroad and have made our study programmes and our Faculty internationally recognised.

The Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is equipped with modern lecture halls and laboratories where students acquire their practical knowledge and skills.

The Faculty comprises of 6 departments that have 27 laboratories and 7 sections responsible for the education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level.

Students can enrol into one of the three undergraduate study programmes: Food Technology, Biotechnology or Nutrition. Our undergraduate studies take three years to complete, upon which, students are awarded academic titles of bachelor of food technology, bachelor of biotechnology or bachelor of nutrition.

Our graduate studies are: Food Engineering, Food Safety Management, Nutrition, Molecular Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering and upon completion, students are awarded the academic title of master or master engineer. Upon completing graduate studies, students can choose to continue the postgraduate university study of Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Food Technology and Nutrition.

Besides doctoral studies, our Faculty carries out postgraduate specialist studies in Food Quality and Safety and Food Management.

A significant constituent of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is the Food Control Center, a certified laboratory for the control of food safety and quality and Objects of Common Use in the EU. For the past 50 years, the Center has been functioning within the Faculty as one of the first spin-off companies.

In 2007 the Faculty founded the Center for Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zadar, with the Laboratory for drying processes and stability monitoring of biologically active compounds and in 2015 it founded the Laboratory for quality control of honey.

The Faculty's mission in science and research is to conduct basic, applied and experimental research in interdisciplinary science fields of food technology, biotechnology and nutrition along with related scientific disciplines. Our goal is to encourage critical thinking and creativity to bring about novel scientific findings, ideas and innovations which are necessary for knowledge and technology transfer into industry.

Through research based learning, we are educating future bearers of science and society development. Through new ideas and technological solutions, critical thinking and creativity, the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology has become the key initiator of economy and sustainable development in the fields of biotechnical sciences in the Republic of Croatia.

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