FFTB Students Council

The Students Council at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is an elected body which protects students' interests, students' taking part in the decision making regarding the Faculty and their study. The main goals of the Students' Council are protecting students' living standards, study reforms and other students' status related problems, as well as the study quality at the Faculty. The Students' Council elections are held every two academic years, where every student of the Faculty is counted as one vote. The Council is comprised of 16 members, who elect the President and Vice-president of the Council. The Council chooses its members as representatives in the Faculty Council and names a representative in various Faculty Boards including the Board of Education and the Board of Quality Management. The President of the Students' Council is simultaneously a students' representative in the Students Council Assembly of Zagreb University. This Assembly is composed of the Council Presidents of all component member councils of Zagreb University.

The Student Council has been the bearer of various student projects, the most important being:

  • Tehnologijada (a competition among all technology faculties including scientific and sporting segments);
  • University of Zagreb Fair;
  • participation at international scientific and occupational meetings in the fields of biotechnology, food technology and nutrition science;
  • cooperation with student organisations facilitated on the Faculty: FISEC Zagreb (Food Industry Students European Council), SRSD PBF (Sports University centre of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology), USB (Studenats' Association of Biotechnology)