The Fundamentals of Bioorganometallic Chemistry

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  • An introduction to the bioorganometallic chemistry.
  • Conjugates of organometallic compounds and biomolecules.
  • The role of bioorganometallic compounds in metalo-immunoassays.
  • Organometallic compounds as indicators of DNA hybridization.
  • Metalloenzymes,
  • Metal pro-drugs.


  • describe the structural and functional role of metal ions in biological systems
  • analyse the advantages of application of bioorganometallics [conjugates of organometallics and biomolecules (DNA, carbohydrates, steroids, amino acids, peptides)] in cancer and infectious disease treatment, bioanalysis, molecular recognition, enzyme catalysis and toxicology
  • designing and synthesizing of electroactive and bioactive organometallic conjugates
  • evaluate the potential pharmacological and biotechnological application of bioorganometallics

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