Physical Chemistry

ECTS points:
6 (N:5)


Course number:
37913; 37913; 37915

Course Description


The course program includes the following methodological units: gases (ideal, real, non-covalent interactions, kinetic theory of gases), thermodynamics (heat, work, internal energy and enthalpy, thermochemistry, Gibbs free energy and entropy, Carnot cycle, calorimetry), phase equilibrium (pure substances and multicomponent systems, chemical potential, colligative properties), chemical equilibrium (thermodynamic approach), electrochemistry (ionics and electrodics), chemical kinetics (rates of chemical reactions, reaction mechanisms, collision theory and activated complex theory, catalysis), colloid and interface chemistry (adsorption, surface tension, colloids), transport phenomena (viscosity and diffusion).

The theory is complemented by seminars addressing problem-based topics in lectures and laboratory exercises where students conduct simple measurements, analyze and interpret the results obtained.


  • explain the thermodynamic functions of the state and processes and methods of their measurement and calculation
  • explain physical and chemical transformations and equilibria using Laws of thermodynamic
  • derive rate laws of chemical reactions and discuss simple reaction mechanisms
  • describe elementary principles of electrolytic conductivity and electrodic processes
  • describe simple colloidal systems, surface phenomena and phenomena of matter and momentum transport
  • apply mathematical knowledge in solving various problems in Physical Chemistry
  • following the instructions provided, conduct simple measurements of the physical variables, analyze and interpret the results obtained and write the reports independently
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