Kinetics of biotechnological processes

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Students will study kinetics of microbial growth, substrate uptake and product formation, effect of physical and chemical conditions on cell reactions rate in industrial bioprocesses. Knowledge of basic macro-kinetics parameters will be adopted. In particular, non-limited growth kinetics, limited growth kinetics on different substrates, microbial product formation kinetics, metabolism product inhibition, sequential substrate utilization kinetics, growth kinetics of mixed populations, kinetics in biofilms, pellets and flocks, will be elaborated. Differences between formal-kinetic and metabolic-structural approach in biotechnological processes will be explained, especially in heterogeneous environment conditions. During seminars students will determine from experimental data, both graphically and arithmetically, kinetic parameters of non-catalyzed and catalyzed reactions, simple and complex enzyme reactions, kinetic parameters of growth, substrate utilization, endogenous metabolism and death of microbial cells. As well, students will study methods for determination of pH-value and temperature effect on bioprocess kinetic parameters, especially on product formation in heterogeneous and homogeneous environment conditions. Also, students will learn to determine kinetic properties of mixed microbial populations and simultaneous substrate utilization.


Lectures: 20 hours
Seminars: 10 hours
Description of course requirements:
Preparation and defense of written seminar and oral exam


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