Laboratory for Biology and Microbial Genetics



Laboratorij za biologiju i genetiku mikroorganizama

At the premises of the Department for Technical Botany and Microscopy of the Faculty of Technology, University of Zagreb, Kršnjavoga 25, the Laboratory for Microbiology of the Food Technology Department of the Faculty of Technology was founded in 1956. When the Laboratory for Microbiology moved into the new building, Pierottijeva St. 6, in 1960/61, the Laboratory for Biology with Technical Microscopy within the Department of Microbiology was founded. The head of the Laboratory until 1979 was Prof. Anto Jurilj, PhD, and the scientific activity of the Laboratory was in the field of phylogeny and systematics of diatoms and microbiology of cereals.

From 1979, the Laboratory was managed by Prof. Marija Alačević, PhD, and from 1994 to 2011, the head was Prof. Jasna Franekić, PhD. During this period, the focus of the Laboratory’s research was on microbial and molecular genetics and evolution as well as breeding of industrial microorganisms by using classical genetic methods and methods of recombinant DNA.

In addition, molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis and DNA repair have also been researched in the Lab. Through its history, the Laboratory has developed cooperation with food, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries as well as with many scientific and higher education institutions in the country and abroad.


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Ksenija Durgo PhD Full Professor
Lidija Šver PhD Full Professor
Ana Bielen PhD Associate Professor
Reno Hrašćan PhD Associate Professor
Ivan-Krešimir Svetec PhD Associate Professor
Tomislav Vladušić PhD Assistant Professor
Anđela Miljanović PhD Scientific Assistant
Marina Svetec Miklenić PhD Scientific Assistant
Ana Huđek Turković mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Angela Matanović mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Ana Slišković mag. ing. Scientific Assistant
Dora Pavić mag. Scientific Assistant
Grozdana Kuleš Technical Associate
Maja Valentić Technical Associate


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Branko Vitale PhD Senior Scientist
Dušica Vujaklija PhD Associate Professor
Marija Brgles PhD Senior Scientific Associate
Krešimir Gjuračić PhD Assistant Professor
Maja Lang Balija PhD Scientific Associate
Ivana Bošnjak PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Maja Markušić BSc Scientific Assistant
Alemka Jaklin Kekez Associate
Tihana Kurtović Associate
Krešo Bendelja PhD Associate
Ivan Bielen PhD Associate
Dubravko Forčić PhD Associate
Alenka Gagro PhD Associate
Beata Halassy PhD Associate
Alemka Markotić PhD Associate
Mirjana Šimić PhD Associate
Mirjana Turkalj PhD Associate
Vesna Šporec Dragović MSc Associate

Courses (preddiplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Basic of Human Physiology 32438 5
Biology 1 24139; 24161; 24195 5 (N:4)
Biology 2 24159; 24162; 24202 5 (N:4)
Genetic Engineering 39804 4
Immunology for Nutritionists 39843 3
Molecular genetics 32425 5

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Ecogenetic Studies 33004 2
Genetics of Eukaryotes 31704 4
Genetics of Industrial Organisms 53262 3
GMOs in Food Production 53261 3
Human Physiology 53266 4
Immunology 53242 4
Mechanisms of Evolution 53256 3

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Ecogenetics 165603 3
Evolution and biotechnology 165605 3
Mechanisms and effects of biologically active compounds on cell cultures 165629 3
Microbial genetics and genetic engineering 165665 5
Molecular-genetic methods in control of microbiological food safety 165601 3
Nutrigenomics 165636 3
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