Laboratory for Bioinformatics


Jurica Žučko, PhD

Phone: +385-1-4605 151


Kabinet za bioinformatiku

The Section for Bioinformatics operates as part of the Department for Biochemical Engineering, at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb. It was founded in 2002 when Prof. Daslav Hranueli transferred to the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, after many years in the development institute of Pliva d.d. Thus, the main area of his longterm research, genetics of gram + bacteria (mainly Streptomyces and Bacillus species), the organization of their genome and the genetics of enzymes and the synthesis of antibiotics of industrial importance became the backbone of the activities of the Section for Bioinformatics. Most of this work is covered by the 3DIS computer system for the discovery and design of healing compounds “in silico”. The focus of the cabinet on project work has led to further diversification of activities so that today with the genomics the cabinet is also involved in the application of bioinformatics in proteomics based on mass spectrometry, nutrigenomics, but also design of and research in a so-called “Wet Lab”. The application of paradigms such as “deep learning” and “big data” to biological problems is the direction in which the FFTB’s Section for Bioinformatics wants to go while at the same time not neglecting its basic task, which is the application in industry, whether nutritional, pharmaceutical or chemical.


Name and surname Academic title Job title
Antonio Starčević PhD Full Professor
Janko Diminić PhD Associate Professor
Jurica Žučko PhD Senior Scientific Assistant
Ema Svetličić mag. ing. Scientific Assistant


Name and surname Academic title Job title
John Cullum PhD Full Professor

Courses (diplomski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Bioinformatics 33007 4
Nutrigenomics 66827 4
Production of Therapeutic Proteins 53608 3
Programming in Bioinformatics 53272 2

Courses (doktorski)

Course Title Course number ECTS
Applied proteomics 165624 3
Bioinformatics of industrial microorganisms 165592 3
Molecular genetics of antibiotics biosynthesis 165613 3
Molecular Nutrition and Genomics 165658 5
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