Mario Novak, PhD

Mario Novak

Contact information

Phone: +385 1 4605 166
Fax: +385 1 4836 424
Email: mnovak(at)
Email: mario.novak(at)

Location: Kačićeva 30, Laboratory for biochemical engineering, industrial microbiology and brewing science


Doctoral Degree: Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

PhD thesis theme "Mathematical modelling and mass transfer research in development of sustainable bioprocesses for production of organic solvents and biofuels".

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Pierottieva 6
mentor Prof Predrag Horvat, PhD


Faculty Study: Biotechnology; Major: Biochemical engineering

M Sc Thesis: Optimization of Biotechnology of wastewater treatment process by mathematical modelling

Mentor Prof Predrag Horvat, PhD

Research/ research assistant:

1. Hybrid integrated bioprocesses and sustainability of production of organic solvents " (project no.: 058-0581990-2004), project leader Božidar Šantek


2. Sustainable production of bioethanol and biochemicals from agricultural waste lignocelullosic raw materials“(SPECH-LRM) (9158; Croatian Science Foundation), project leader Božidar Šantek


Teaching: Biochemical engineering, White Biotechnology, Brewing science, Technology of vinegar production, Biotechnology 3, Biochemical Engineering and bioprocess technique

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