Marina Cvjetko Bubalo, PhD

Marina Cvjetko Bubalo

Contact information

Phone: + 385 1 4605 136

Location: Laboratory for Cell Culture Technology and Biotransformations


Assisstant professor Marina Cvjetko Bubalo works at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Laboratory for Cell Technology, Application and Biotransformations from 2008 till nowdays. She received her diploma in biochemical engineering (2007) and her doctoral degree in Biotechnology and bioprocess engineering (2012) from the same Faculty. The focus of her doctoral dissertation was the synthesis, application in biocatalysis and toxicity of imidazolium-based ionic liquids. She finished a postgraduate training in the area of biochemical engineering, whit the emphasis on the synthesis of ionic liquids within microchannels and the use of these liquids as solvents for lipase-catalyzed reactions. Her scientific work is focused on application of ionic liquids/NADES in biocatalysis (enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of enantiopure compounds; mostly reactions involving isolated hydrolitic enzymes or baker's yeast and plant cells as a source of enzyme), and in extraction of bioactive compounds from different plant origin.

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