Basic Toxicology

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  • historical aspects of toxicology
  • terminology in toxicology and basic postulates of toxicology
  • occupational and environmental health hazards
  • toxicity tests
  • quantitative aspects of toxicity at molecular and cellular level
  • biodynamic of toxic compounds
  • absorption of toxic compounds
  • distribution and accumulation of toxic compounds in the body
  • metabolism of toxic compounds (biotransformation-basics)
  • elimination of toxic compounds


  • define basic terms in toxicology
  • identify and classify the sources of environmental pollution and contaminants most commonly present in food
  • explain the mechanisms of action of toxic substances (basics) at molecular and cellular level, as well as, quantitative aspects of toxicity
  • describe animal models and alternative toxicity tests, as well as biological, physical and chemical methods for determination of toxicants in food
  • understand the significance of hazard-risk assessment
  • apply and justify knowledge related to the toxicology as a basis for graduate studies

To enrol in this course, the following courses must be completed:

  • Biochemistry 1
  • Biochemistry 2
  • Basic of Human Physiology
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