Toxicological Aspects of Food Processing (Graduate Study of Nutrition)

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  • toxicological aspects of food irradiation
  • Toxicological aspects of ozone application in food processing
  • Thermally induced toxicants in food
  • Toxicants formed in the food fermentation process
  • Toxicants formed in the food preservation processes
  • Dietary factors affecting nutrient bioavailability
  • Food processing - possibilities of pesticide residue reduction
  • Impact of food processing on the heavy metals content in food
  • Food processing - modification of allergenic properties of proteins
  • Effects of processing on allergenic potential of food


  • define and classify toxicants which may occur as a result of certain food processing methods
  • describe and distinguish the origins and formation pathways of certain toxicants during food processing, as well as explain mechanisms of their toxic effects and conclude about their potential harmful effects to human health
  • explain the origin and mode of action of dietary factors that influence nutrient bioavailability
  • describe and propose procedures for the reduction of the certain food contaminants in order to improve the quality of food preparation
  • classify allergens, explain the impact of processing on allergenic potential of foods and propose food processing in order to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions
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