Professional practice

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Selection of the target company/institution to conduct professional practice. Collection of general information about the company/institution. Performing professional practice with an application of basic knowledge and skills of biochemical engineering, management and control of biotechnological processes, genetic engineering and/or industrial microbiology using conventional process equipment in a biotechnological plant (production and /or pilot research), or using laboratory equipment for the implementation of analysis and biotechnological procedures in chemical, biochemical, microbiological, molecular genetics, process and R&D laboratories. Prepare professional practice diary. Present on the results and experiences gained during the practice.


  • Develop practical knowledge and skills in the field of biotechnology
  • Collect and interpret relevant data from the profession
  • Drawing of the conclusions based on acquired practical skills in the field of biotechnology
  • Critically evaluate the acquired knowledge in the field of biotechnology
  • Argue the expert opinion and position
  • Orally or in writing, communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions in the field of biotechnology using specialized terminology.


Particular literature, depending on the selected company/institution for the implementation of professional practice.

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