Stereoselective biotransformations

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Biotransformation is the key technology in the development of green processes for the production of useful compounds especially chiral one due to chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity of enzymes. This course is designed to provide students with theoretical knowledge through lectures as well as critical discussion through the seminar abut current technological developments in research with trends in the aims and needs of today’s industries.


Selected topics include the latest scientific achievements in the field of stereoselective biocatalysis: include why and when one may choose to use biological systems for chemical conversion, considerations for using free enzymes versus whole cells, possibility to tailor enzyme properties for specific conversions and issues related to design and development of bioconversion processes as well as applications in industrial scale with special emphasis on production of chiral compounds. 


  • select type of biocatalysts and reaction system for production of chiral compounds.
  • describe the key parameters of biocatalytic process for production of chiral compounds.
  • demonstrate critical knowledge in problem solving within an interdisciplinary context for production of chiral compounds.
  • search literature and present  case studies for production of chiral compounds as highly efficient and environmentally friendly process (biocatalysis in the absence of solvents, the use of green solvents such as ionic liquids and eutectic solvents and modification of the enzyme and substrate and ect.)


Lectures: 10 h

Seminars: 15 h

Examination: Seminar and oral exam


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