Zlatko Kniewald, PhD

Prof. dr.sc. Zlatko Kniewald

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Phone: +385 1 4605 278
Fax: +385 1 4605 065
Email: zlatko.kniewald@pbf.hr
Mobile: 091 9404292
Web page: www.hatz.hr/knic

Location: Laboratory for Cell Culture Technology and Biotransformations



· Zlatko Kniewald, Ph. D., M. Sc., Dipl. Eng. Biotechnology, Tenure Professor of Biotechnology-Biochemical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, Honorary Member of World Innovative Foundation, Member of Croatian Academy of Engineering,

· Born: June 2, 1938, in Zagreb, Croatia,

· Nationality: Croatian, married, two children, wife: Jasna Ph.D., dipl. eng., Tenure Professor of Biotechnology-Toxicology University of Zagreb,

· Elementary School, Secondary School and Faculty of Technology – Biotechnology at University of Zagreb, graduated in Zagreb, 1961,

· 1968-1971 Ford Foundation Fellow at the University of Milan, Italy, where finished Ph. D. in Biotechnology,

· 1974, Habilitation in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry U. of Zagreb,

· 1975-1987 elected as Secretary-General of the Republic Community for Scientific Work of the former Socialist Republic of Croatia,

· 1972-1979 Principal investigator of the Ford Foundation grant for research and education in Reproductive Biology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia,

· At the 6th International Congress of Endocrinology, Melbourne, February 10-16, 1980, Co-Chairman of the Symposium «Steroid Hormones in Neuroendocrine Processes»,

· 1986 received «Ruder Bošković» State Award for Scientific Research in steroid chemistry, granted by the Croatian Parliament,

· 1986. Decoration of Labour with Golden Wreath for Working Achievements granted by former SFR Yugoslavia,

· 1983-1987 Member and President of Former Yugoslavia-USA Joint Board for Scientific and Technological co-operation, received a memorial Plate on the termination of mandate from US delegation,

· 1993. – Included in the First Edition of the „Who is Who in Croatia“, publ. Golden Marketing, Zagreb, Croatia,

· Published more than 60 scientific papers, CC and CAB referred, 75 technical papers, plenary lecturer and invited speaker at more than 30 international scientific conferences and meetings,

· Science Citation Index since 1970 over 700 times,

· Published University textbook “Vitamins and Hormones”, Zagreb 1992,

· Published University Laboratory Handbook “Purification and Production of Biologically Active Compounds”, Zagreb, 2000,

· 1999. Registered 1 patent, P990120,

· 1999. Registered 1 Industrial design, M990118,

· 1998 Received Certificate „Distinguished Member“ of Croatian Society of


· 1987 – today Founder and Head of the Laboratory for Cell Culture Technology, Application and Biotransformation, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

· Professor at the undergraduate and post-graduate studies including a new Bologna process at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb,

· Member of Assembly of the University of Zagreb,

· Member of the Board for the State Awards in Technical Sciences former Soc. Rep. of Croatia,

· 1995-2000 Chairman of the Committee for the constitution of Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Bihač, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

· The EU Expert for FP6 and FP7 projects evaluation

· Founder and Director of the Biotechnical Foundation of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology for young students, established 1996- 2006, and a Member of the Governing Board 2006 – today,

· Editor-in-Chief of the Scientific Series «Current Studies of Biotechnology» Vol. I., II., III, IV - publications referred in ISI databases,

· Peer-reviewer of several scientific journals, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, and Ministry of Science of the Republic of Slovenia,

· Member of the Scientific Council for Agriculture and Forestry, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Art, since 1992 and Secretary of the Council in two terms,

· 2002. Member of The New York Academy of Sciences,

· Received Distinguished Leadership Award and inclusion in The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership – Sixth Edition for Outstanding Contributions to Contemporary Society – American Biographical Institute,

· 2004. Included at Marquis Who’s Who in the World 21st Century Edition,

· Elected Full Member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ), 1998, and President of Academy from 2003 – 2005, and second term 2005 – 2009,

· Founder and Head of Biotechnical Centre of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, since 2003,

· Member of the CAETS Governing Board from 2003- today and Member Board of Directors in 2005,

· Received Medal for Scientific Achievements on the 4th Fair of Innovation “ARCA”, Zagreb

· Elected Member of the Euro-CASE Governing Board, 2005-,

· 2006.- received „Decoration of Danica Hrvatska with the figure of Nicola Tesla“ given by the President of Republic of Croatia,

· 2006.- received Medal for Technological Developments on the 5th Fair of Innovation “ARCA”, Zagreb,

· 2006 – member of the Board for “2006 Nicola Tesla Year” nominated by Croatian Parliament,

· 2007 – Included at the Croatian Biographical Lexicon, vol VII. publ. Leksikografski Zavod “Miroslav Krleža” Zagreb,


· Mechanism of androgen hormone activity on the CNS level,( Achievements include discovery of 5a-reductase in the formation of dihidrotestosterone and its role as a main androgen hormone

· Development and application of animal cell culture technology

· Biochemical engineering in specific chemicals production

· Science policy and intellectual property protection

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