Biochemical Analytics

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53248/MB 53614/BPI

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Lectures: Chemical and physico-chemical assays of macromolecules: Proteins. Carbohydrates. Lipids. Nucleic acids. Assays of activity and biological effect of macromolecules. Quantitative analysis using enzymes, examples. Methods for testing integrity of biomacromolecules. Analytical methods applicable in living cells. Cell counting. Immunochemical methods. Quantitative analysis using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Strategy in following biotechnology processes by biochemical methods.

Practical courses: Different protein assays. Carbohydrate assays. Lipid assays. Nucleic acids assays. Application of enzymic tests for quantitative analysis. RIA. ELISA. Immunoblot. “Real-time” PCR. Implementation of biochemical analytics in biotechnology processes.


  • establish a system of analytical assessment of concentrations of biological macromolecules during the biotechnological production process
  • assay proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and lipids in different substrates by most frequently used analytical methods, with critical evaluation of each method and comprehention of their advantages and limitations
  • determine integrity and biological activity of macromoleculs in different substrates
  • apply enzyme tests for determination of concentration of individual metabolites
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