Methodology of Scientific Work and Intelectual Property Protection (Graduate Study of Molecular Biotechnology )

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Course number:
53247; 53664

Course Description


  • The term, scope and significance of science and scientific work
  • Scientific methods of research and scientific categories (fundamental vs applied science)
  • Scientific information sources, publications
  • Primary sources of information
  • Secondary sources
  • Tertiary sources
  • Evaluation in science/ science metrics
  • Citation, referencing, indexation
  • Electronic information resources
  • Reference list - print and electronic sources 
  • Academic papers, manuscript preparation
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercialization of research results
  • Patents and patent searching
  • Ethics in scientific research and biotechnology


  • recognize and explain role and significance of science and scientific research
  • describe and propose reliable and the most relevant information resources, as well as options to access scientific and professional papers
  • compare, perform review and evaluate scientific articles/reports
  • plan, propose and distinguish appropriate research designs and methodologies related to a particular research question with accent on master thesis
  • explain in detail the structure of primary publications with an emphasis on original scientific paper, review article and master thesis, and describe how to write sections within the paper
  • analyze ethical issues and implement ethical principles in biotechnology and science
  • explain in detail the intellectual property system as a basis for innovation and competitiveness
  • conduct a patent search
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