Food packaging

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Definitions, functions and classification of packaging materials (basic, with regard to: waste, handling, material type). Functions and importance of food packaging. Materials (wood; glass, metal, paper, plastics, laminates, biodegradable and edible materials). Packaging manufacture (injection moulding, pressing, blowing, extrusion, calendering, blow moulding, two- and three-piece metal cans production, glass and plastic bottles manufacture). Packaging forms and shapes (covers, bags and pouches, boxes, barrels, containers, bottles, cans, jars, etc. Stoppers and Closures. Packaging methods: aseptic, vacuum, modified/controlled, active and intelligent packaging, microwave packaging (susceptors). Food/packaging interaction (gas and water vapour permeability, corrosion, migration). Handling, transportation and warehouses. Food contact material (FCM) regulations (RH, EU). Packaging and environment (package waste and recycling).


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