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Lokacija: Laboratorij za procesno-prehrambeno inženjerstvo, 1. kat, soba 67





1.    Professional, research, academic experience and achievements

National projects:

Projects worked on as a leader and co-worker

  1. Application of electrical discharge plasma for preservation of liquid foods, Croatian science foundation, 2014-2018, (principal investigator and ten co-workers: six professors and four graduate students)

Award Amount: 850.000 HRK

Outcome: Developed a new electrical discharge plasma reactor

2. Influence of non-thermal atmospheric gas-phase plasma on bioactive compounds and aroma profile of fruit juices, University of Zagreb, 2013-2014, (principal investigator and four co-workers: two professors and two graduate students)

Award Amount:  70.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Developed a new gas-phase plasma jet reactor

3. Production of beverages based on whey, HITRA, 2007-2009. (principal investigator and four co-workers: two professors and two graduate students)

       Award Amount:  500.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Developed a new functional product based on whey

3. New processing techniques in functional food production, Croatian Ministry of Science, 2007 – 2013.  (principal investigator)

       Award Amount:  500.000,00 HRK

Outcome: The sterilization of liquid food by ultrasound depends on processing conditions and the type of food

4. Stability of bioactive components of food in dependence of processing conditions, Croatian Ministry of Science, 2007-2012.  (co-worker)

       Award Amount:  500.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Functional properties of whey proteins and their isolates depend on processing conditions

5. Development of new functional products and their stability, Croatian Ministry of Science, 2002-2006. (co-worker)

       Award Amount:  350.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Application of some non-thermal processes improves functionality and stability of food.

6. Production of food with higher biological value, Croatian Ministry of Science, 1996-2001. (co-worker)

       Award Amount:  150.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Development and application of tribomechanical food treatment

7. Thermophysical and rheological properties of food, Croatian Ministry of Science,1991-1996. (co-worker)

      Award Amount:  200.000,00 HRK

Outcome: Phase transition temperatures and rheological properties of foods depend on chemical composition of the food


International scientific projects:

IPA (EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) project:

  1. The application of innovative technologies in the isolation of bioactive compounds from organic waste in the production of wine, (2014-2016), RC.2.2.08. (one of principal investigators)
  2. Marasca Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus var. Marasca) as an Ingredient for Functional Foods (IPA 2007/HR/16IPO/001-040302), 2010-2012. (one of principal investigators and six co-workers: three professors and three graduate students 
  3. Nutritional centre of excellence (IPA41., 2012-2013 (co-worker)


Cost Project:

  1. Management Committee member of the COST project „European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments“ Acronym – AP4Bio2Med . COST Action TD1104.
  2. Management Committee member of the COST project „European network for mitigating bacterial colonisation and persistence on food and food processing environmenst“ – FA COST Action FA2012.
  3. Management Committee member (substitute) of the COST project „Electrical discharges with liquids for future applications“ Action TD1208

 2.    Tutoring experience (incl. doctorates lead)

Mentor: Five graduate (1 MS and 4 Ph.D.) and 25 undergraduate students supervised.


  1. Biljana Hodak, 2011, Stability of vitamins C, E and B complex in dehydrated cereal-based products


  1. Igor Dubrović, 2012, Effect of high intensity ultrasound on antioxidant activity and microbiological quality of strawberry juice
  2. Verica Batur, 2012, The effect of tribomechanical micronization on physical, thermo-physical and rheological properties of different starches
  3. Brankica Sobota Šalamon, 2012, Application of high intensity ultrasound for    inactivation  of microorganisms
  4. Jasmina Tahmaz, 2014, Application of high hydrostatic pressure in the modification of casein and encapsulation of β-carotene

3.    Entrepreneurial achievements, innovation activities, patents granted

Technological projects and studies for food industry:

  1. Design information technology project for blackberry wine winery, 2005.
  2. Design information technology project for processing of fruits and vegetables, 2006.

 4.    A short statement on most significant contrigution to this research field

Major research contributions to the field of application and development of novel technologies for the preservation of food quality. Key contributions include:

  • Discovered the tribomechanical micronization, high intensity ultrasound and high hydrostatic pressure can change molecular structure of proteins and his functional properties
  • Discovered the tribomechanical micronization can improve rheological, thermophysical, textural and some physical properties of starch.
  • Developed the first complete mathematical model of inactivation microorganisms by thermosonification.
  • Developed a new gas-phase plasma jet reactor and electrical discharge reaktor.

 5.    Additional information and notes

He published two research papers on the applications of novel food processing technology in the Journal of Food Engineering and between 2008 and 2010 were among the ten most cited papers.

  • Krešić, B., Lelas, V., Jambrak, A.R., Herceg, Z., Brnčić S.R., Influence of novel food processing technologies on the rheological and thermophysical properties of whey proteins, Journal of Food Engineering, 87, (1) 2008.
    • Jambrak, A.R.,. Mason, T.J., Lelas, V., Herceg, Z., Herceg, I.L., Effect of ultrasound treatment on solubility and foaming properties of whey protein suspensions, , Journal of Food Engineering, 86, (2) 2008.


Scientific books:

1. Režek Jambrak A. and Herceg Z.: „Application of ultrasound in food preservation and processing“in „Conventional and advanced food processing technologies“,Wiley Blackwell, (2014),  515-535.

2. Herceg Z.: “Processes in the food industry”, Plejada, Zagreb, 2011.

3. Herceg Z.: “The processes of food preservation - new procedures”, Golden Marketing -Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb 2009.


5 career-best scientific papers presented on international research journals


  1. Elez Garofulić I., Režek Jambrak A., Milošević S., Dragović-Uzelac V., Zorić Z., Herceg Z., The effect of gas phase plasma treatment on the anthocyanin and phenolic acid content of sour cherry Marasca (Prunus cerasus var. Marasca) juice, LWT - Food Science and Technology(2014) doi:10.1016/j.lwt.2014.08.036
  2. Režek Jambrak A., Vukušić T., Stulić V., Mrvčić J., Milošević S., Šimunek M., Herceg Z., The Effect of High Power Ultrasound and Cold Gas-Phase Plasma Treatments on Selected Yeast in Pure Culture, Food and Bioprocess Technology(2015) doi:10.1007/s11947-014-1442-3
  3. Herceg Z., Režek Jambrak A., Vukušić T., Stulić  V., Stanzer D., Milošević S., The effect of high-power ultrasound and gas phase plasma treatment on Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. count in pure culture, Journal of Applied Microbiology (2015) doi:10.1111/jam.12692
  4. Barukčić I., Lisak Jakopović K., Herceg Z., Karlović S., Božanić R., Influence of high intensity ultrasound on microbial reduction, physico-chemical characteristics and fermentation of sweet whey, Inovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, (2015) doi:10.1016/j.ifset.2014.10.013
  5. Režek Jambrak A., Mason T. J., Lelas V., Paniwnyk L., Herceg Z. (2014) Effect of ultrasound treatment on particle size and molecular weight of whey proteins, J. Food Eng. 121 15–23. (IF=2,523)


Prof. Zoran Herceg, graduated from Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology (FFTB), University of Zagreb in 1994; postgraduate at the same Faculty in 2000. He worked at FFTB in Laboratory for food process engineering, since 1994 until today. Among 2003-2005, he was the vice head of Department of Food Engineering. Currently, he is head of Department of Food Processes Engineering. He has published more than 70 scientific papers - mostly in food technology and nutrition field. Furthermore, he participated on numerous national and international conferences. He lead numerous national and international projects. He was leader and collaborator in development and implementation of numerous scientific study, elaborates, technical and technological projects. In his scientific and research work he was occupied mostly with impact and influence of high intensity ultrasound, tribomechanical micronisation, high hydrostatic pressure and non-thermal plasmas on food properties, rheological, thermophysical and textural properties of food products and drying of foodstuffs.

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